Futurology Branding

Futurology Branding is CIA's unique method of approaching the "future ideal" of a brand.
From a spherical viewpoint that looks from multiple perspectives,
we weave together the core values of the brand to create the value of future customer experience.
Using this method, we offer total branding and services such as Brand Health Check.

Futurology Branding

Total Branding

With our unique network and professional insight,
we cast and consult with the best specialist teams
to help make your project a success.

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  • Strategy

    We support the development of brand, marketing, and communication strategies based on management strategies.

    • Brand Strategy
    • Marketing Strategy
    • Communication Strategy
    • Prototyping
    • Workshops
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  • Identity

    We support brand development by discovering unique values from brand DNA for rebranding brands, new business development, regional creation, future city development, etc., and developing brands toward the ideal future state.

    • Corporate Identity
    • Brand Identity
    • Customer Experience
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  • Product

    We create assets (products and services) that enhance a brand's core values and help lead it to success.

    • Product Design
    • Prototyping Improvement
    • Retail Development
    • Food & Beverage Development
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  • Architectural

    We support the design and development of flagship stores, hotels, offices, and other facilities that will serve as the foundation for future urban development and multi-store development, as well as branding perspectives.

    • Architectural Development
    • Future Urban Development
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  • Digital

    Based on the brand strategy, we provide one-stop brand design support, from drawing digital experiences to UX/UI design and product development support.

    • Website Development
    • EC site Development
    • Video Making
    • Digital Communication
    • SNS Strategy
    • AI Integration
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Original Service

Brand Health Check

A new diagnostic program to properly assess and help increase the value of your brand

Brand Health Check is a service that identifies values and issues by diagnosing brands from multiple perspectives. Branding experts help create value for the future by identifying issues and recommending solutions.

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