SAKURA craft_lab 006

CIA has been involved with Sakura Craypas’ writing instruments brand “SAKURA craft.lab” since its launch, and we provided total branding support for “006”, including product development, visual and video production, website production, and exhibition space operations.
The most attractive feature of “SAKURA craft_lab 006,” the sixth in the series, is the ability to create one’s own unique writing instrument, with three types of parts and six colors of ink, and 288 customization options to create an original product to one’s liking. The design and materials of the product are also carefully selected.
In order to convey the value of the product and the ability to customize it in an easy-to-understand experience, the website has a “Customize” page that allows users to try out various combinations and compare them, as well as post or email their favorite combinations to social networking sites. To make the product even more intuitive and easier to understand, we created a product assembly video. This video can be viewed on the 006 web page.
While embodying the brand’s core concept of “writing instruments for adults,” this is a product development project that takes on a new and unprecedented challenge.
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