CIA supported Pharmira Co., Ltd. in developing their VI design including company name and logo. Pharmira Co., Ltd. is a *CDMO company that manufactures *APIs for clinical trials and develops manufacturing method of intermediates by request from major pharmaceutical companies and bio-ventures, utilizing its continuous manufacturing technology for medicines. The company was established in November 2021 with investments from Shionogi Pharma, Chiyoda Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Fujimoto Chemical Products, Takenaka Corporation, Yokogawa Electric Corporation, and Nagase & Co.

* Contract Development and Manufacturing Organization
*Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient

Company Name
The company name "Pharmira" was developed by combining Pharmaceutical + Mirai (future in Japanese). CIA collaborated with Jumpei Watanabe in the creation of the company name, which was selected after much discussion among many candidates. The ideal future of Pharmira is to realize the high aspiration of "pioneering the future of pharmaceuticals" by bringing together professional companies and integrating their advanced technologies and knowledge.
"We are going to pioneer the future of pharmaceuticals with the power of technology. It is from such a resolution that we were born. With the continuous production of APIs as our foothold, and in collaboration with all kinds of partners around the world, we are pursuing new pharmaceuticals, new medicine, and new ways of being healthy. The environment surrounding pharmaceuticals continues to change rapidly on a global scale. Rather than following the swell of these changes, we will create the future and the next standard with our own hands."

The trademark is expressed as an infinity mark, reflecting the advanced technology of continuous manufacturing in Japan. Inspired by this infinity mark, the letter “P” taken from the first letter of Pharmira, then became the symbol for the logo.
Kontrapunkt (Denmark) cooperated with us in the development of the concept design for the trademark and application items. By overlapping Pharmira’s values for a “continuous production that never stops”, with the “P” for the logo, we were able to create a contemporary symbol.

Color Concept
In selecting the primary color, we conducted benchmarking and found that pharmaceutical companies have traditionally used blue as their corporate color. In order to express the concept of opening the way to the future through innovative technological development, Pharmira has chosen to use orange, which is rare in the industry, to express freshness and their challenging spirit.


” ファーマシューティカルの未来を、技術の力で切り拓く。そんな意志から、私たちは生まれた。原薬の連続生産を立脚点に、世界中のあらゆるパートナーと協業しながら、新しい製薬の、新しい医療の、そして新しい健康のあり方を私たちは追求する。製薬を取り巻く環境は、地球規模で急速な変化を続けている。そのうねりに追従するのでなく、私たちの手で未来を描き、次なるスタンダードをつくりあげていく。”

連続生産技術という日本でも先進的な技術を、連続=インフィニティマークとして表現し、そこから頭文字"P”のモチーフが開発されました。トレードマークとアプリケーションアイテムのコンセプトデザイン開発にあたっては、デンマークのKontrapunkt社にご協力いただきました。 止まることのない連続生産を”P”と重ね合わせることで、コンテンポラリーなシンボルにデザインしました。