We have contributed to the enhancement of corporate value of numerous clients through branding, valuing the philosophy of "envisioning and creating what the future should be, and contributing creatively to society," which is embodied in our company name, Creative Intelligence Associates (CIA). As a pioneer in the industry, our strength lies in building brand assets based on management strategies, backed by a track record spanning more than 30 years. We have been involved in supporting well-known domestic and international companies in their branding development and other activities.

Here is a track record of brands we have supported in branding.

Total Branding
In 1998, from a discounter in Ube City, Yamaguchi Prefecture, to a retailer aiming to be listed on the first section of the Tokyo Stock Exchange, we assisted UNIQLO in developing a marketing strategy, developing template stores, and providing total branding support.

UNIQLO achieved rapid growth by penetrating the market with original, uniquely Japanese products. President Yanai's desire at the time to "create Japan's national clothing" has now become a global brand that has expanded into the United States, the United Kingdom, France, Korea, Hong Kong, and China.

Aoyama Flower Market
Total Branding
We developed the template for the first store in Shibuya Station from scratch, and after establishing annual sales of ¥400 million, we expanded to 70 stores nationwide, achieving sales of ¥4.8 billion. We proposed a display system that removes refrigerated cases and allows customers to make a "buy" decision in less than three minutes, and developed the design from identity to uniforms, signage, and packaging. We also developed the "Lifestyle Bouquet," a bouquet of flowers for the living room and kitchen at a price point that is easy to understand. This new model promoted the purchase of flowers on a daily basis.

Peach Aviation
Airline Branding
Peach Aviation Limited was launched as Japan's first full-fledged LCC airline, jointly funded by All Nippon Airways (ANA), Hong Kong-based investment firm First Eastern Investment Group, and the Innovation Network Corporation of Japan.

CIA was selected from a competition of eight competing companies and assisted in branding development. We proposed a "Total Travel Experience" including logo, aircraft, and uniform design.

Community Branding
This is a development in front of Center South Station that will serve as the nucleus of a new neighborhood community. Together with architect Koji Takematsu, the first commercial facility in Japan to use a fire-resistant laminated wood structure with a 9-meter span, which was also selected for the 2011 Tree Town Development Promotion Project, the first wooden structure in Japan to be built with consideration, contributed to a 1,400-ton reduction in CO2 emissions and community revitalization.

Idemitsu Kosan
Service Station Development
Idemitsu Kosan Co., Ltd. was celebrating the 95th anniversary of its founding and its IPO, and was planning to develop a new visual identity for its service stations, which serve as touch points with users. We won an idea competition and were selected to participate in this project. 5,000 Idemitsu service stations throughout Japan have been gradually replaced with the new design since fiscal 2007. The Idemitsu Service Stations found throughout the country have switched to the new design, and it has become a part of their new identity. The new design is based on the concept of "First Class", supporting the ever-evolving car lifestyles of users with cutting-edge technology, and is designed to reflect the relationship between the Idemitsu brand and motor sports.

Office Tower Branding
ThinkPark" was born in 2007 as a park-city that embraces "green urbanism" and aims to create a new relationship between the city and nature, as opposed to the usual vertical office building in front of the station. CIA Inc. has been involved in the ThinkPark project since 2004, and over a period of more than three years, we were involved in the project's total branding, identity development, architectural direction, commercial consulting, and promotional strategy. consulting, and promotional strategy.

We will continue to provide brand support that is rooted in the customer experience.