CIA supported the rebranding project of “BRANCHERA” series, a new condominium brand of HASEKO REAL ESTATE, which delivers the lifestyle demanded by the times with advanced functions and safe and secure residences. We also created a brand story and brand movie that expresses the experiential value provided to residents.
Brand Story
In rebranding, we reexamined the reasons for proactively incorporating not only the Haseko Group’s accumulated technology and know-how, but also advanced IT technology and new services. The goal is for BRANCHERA to help people lead a lifestyle that eliminates the hassles and anxieties of daily life and allows them to create their own time that is hospitable to their souls. We also reaffirmed that our goal is to realize a time and space that is truly enjoyable beyond the confines of a home. We have established our brand story in order to promise this desire and the value we provide to people of various generations.
About the Brand Movie
This brand movie is based on the story “Energy to move hearts and minds. The movie depicts the joy and pleasure that overflows from a natural and life-size lifestyle, while depicting a world view that expands from the story “Energy that moves hearts.
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