CIA Inc. has renewed its website.

Since its establishment in 1984, CIA has been a guide to the future, supporting brand building to create future customer experience value.

At the time of its establishment, the term "branding" was not even recognized, but CIA has always been a branding agency that envisioned "what it should be" from the perspective of the future and provided support for its implementation.

And now, as the uncertain situation accelerates, we feel that it is time for all values to be reevaluated and for a paradigm shift to the next set of values.

Branding is also at a turning point, undergoing a major shift toward the needs of society and consumers. It is about finding new and essential values and delivering them to society through the power of creativity. It is about creating a tipping point to move forward to a better future together with companies and partners.

As a Creative Intelligence Associate, and as a member of the Deloitte Tohmatsu Group, one of the largest professional groups in Japan, we will continue to nurture new value and provide branding support that will serve as a turning point for the future. We will continue to provide branding support that will nurture new value and serve as a point of transformation for the future.

With this renewed commitment, we have renewed the CIA Inc. website in order to provide more valuable information and to enhance our opportunities to connect with you.