"Brand Health Check" brand diagnosis service released.

We have released "Brand Health Check," a companion support service to enhance the value of your brand.

Brand Health Check" is a brand diagnosis program that visualizes the current value and status of a brand, which is difficult to evaluate quantitatively, through a comprehensive survey, identifies issues, and provides guidelines for future initiatives. Based on the results of the diagnostic, the program also supports the creation of brand value for the future, such as business growth potential and future possibilities.

Features of Brand Health Check

■Feature 1:
Conducts research and analysis from two axes: corporate (corporate brand) and business (services and products offered)

■Feature 2:
Understands from three perspectives: experts , team, and consumers

■Feature 3:
Through the Brand Health Check, we quantify the current status of your brand and recommend improvement guidelines and enhancement measures that are directly related to your business.

For example, we can respond to the following concerns.

We want to strengthen our brand value

  • Strengthening the brand of your company or business
  • Review of corporate identity
  • Clarify the core values of the brand

Visualization of brand image

  • Brand due diligence for M&A projects
  • Share the current brand value and future image with stakeholders and within the company

Organize issues

  • Understand the realistic evaluation of your brand
  • Set priorities for branding initiatives

Establish KPIs for branding

  • Check objectively through continuous brand evaluation
  • Strengthening employee awareness of the brand

For details of the service outline, please refer to the special website.