About Us

CIA Inc. is always finding new values at the turning points of society,
and We have been helping to build a brand with a strong presence.
Now is the time for change and for a positive future.
We are promoting creation for the future.

CIA Inc.


As the Creative
Intelligence Associates

A group with a passion for knowledge and creativity, we are committed to providing brand support that fosters new values for the future.


Creating Transformations within Society Towards a Progressive Future

To discover new and fundamental values and deliver them to society through the power of creativity. Together with companies and partners, we will create transformations for a greater future.


We will increase our own value
and give back to society
by realizing our mission and vision.

  • Spherical Thinking

    Being open to multi-faceted perspectives and to work with comprehensive and integrated thinking.

  • Cultivating Open Discussions

    Sharing ideas and opinions freely and to encourage a culture of lively discussions.

  • Creating Inspirational Synergies

    To inspire and be inspired in order to continue to learn and stay curious.

  • Connecting Diverse Talents

    Co-creating unprecedented possibilities by connecting people with diverse talents and creating chemical reactions.

  • Converting Ideas into Reality

    Providing positive influence on society by shaping valuable ideas into reality.


  • Naruyoshi Ejima



    Ejima is dedicated to boost the corporate value, and beyond that, the customer experience value for each of CIA’s clients.He is active in branding and visual identity development, corporate communication and promotion.
    He is involved in every stage, from concept development, planning and drafting to production direction, as well as project management.

  • Sy Chen


    Founder and Adviser

    Sy Chen is the Founder/Chairman of CIA Inc., a brand consulting company with a 36-year track record of success.His proposal, “Japan Branding,” has brought great changes to various corporations by constructing effective business prototypes. Chen’s Innovation Prototyping — a process of realizing a realistic project flow through meticulous verification — has increased success rates and reduced risks to his clients.
    Recipient of Residential Architecture Award Book : Impresario (Diamond Inc)

  • Shogo Yoshihara


    Senior Advising Director

    Shogo Yoshihara is a highly qualified architect who graduated from Toukai University. When Yoshihara first joined our team, he successfully established a retail branding system for ITOCHU Corporation. Now, he is a senior Managing Partner at CIA Inc., contributing in areas of marketing, branding, and consulting new business and strategic models for architectural developments, retail, restaurant businesses, and other service industries.

  • Shinichi Tsukamoto


    Development Director
  • Akira Shibuya


    Senior Architect
  • Aaron A. Palileo


    ASEAN Director
  • Naomi Sundberg


    Creative Art Director / Designer
  • Yoshiyuki Ueda


    Digital Branding Director
  • Kazuaki Hibino


    Senior Brand Architect
  • Yusuke Morooka


    Brand Architect
  • Tomoko Otsuki


    Brand Architect
  • Niina Noguchi


    Project Manager
  • Sayuri Tani


    Project Manager
  • Hiromi Okuyama


    Project Manager
  • Shunsuke Kurino


    Project Manager
  • Yoko Saiyama


    Creative Director
  • Masaaki Oka


    Strategy Advisor
  • CIA Bootleg Manila


    Philippines Partner

    To expand CIA's services to the ASEAN market, we have partnered with the Philippine creative firm Bootleg Innovation Design. Led by Aaron Palileo, one of its principal founders and a professor of Ateneo de Manila University, CIA Bootleg Manila is now our representative in the ASEAN region.

    →About CIA Bootleg Manila